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We manufacture catering trailers suitable for all catering applications.Our trailers are built with passion based on years of experience and listening to the customer needs.

We guarantee quality of workmanship and our flexible team is prepared to deliver personalized orders on an individual basis.
Our trailers are built using the latest lightweight laminate technology and based on German quality, using the components from such companies as ALKO or KNOTT.Our modern trailers are used as mobile commercial facilities.


They are ideally suited for:
- selling fast food,
- using in the confectionery/ ice cream business,
- various forms of street trading: What is new at our company? See the photo gallery!

Cheap catering trailers by MobileUnit -

Available Sizes


Width 6ft 11″ (2.1m)

Length 8ft to 20ft (2.50 to 6.0m)


Internal specification:

• frame made of hot-dip galvanised box sections
• 4 supports, tow hitch and ALKO or KNOTT axle
• removable tow bar
• laminate liner (Lamilux), 33 mm thick XPS core
• floor made from water resistant plywood covered with PVC flooring (with elevated abrasion resistance)
• hardware made of aluminium profile
• vehicle lights in accordance with the traffic regulations
Standard equipment:
• sanitary area with clothing locker, including sinks, taps, water tanks and heater
• double-sided cabinetry including worktops (MDF or stainless steel)
• electrical wiring system and LED lighting


External specification:


• heavy duty ALKO jockey wheel

• single hatch

• 4 ALKO corner steadies

• ALKO Euro axle(s)

• 13” wheels

• recessed road lights

• door


Optional equipment:


• overrunning brake and hand-brake

• additional serving hatch

• lower masking strips and upper plinths

• graphic design and trailer wrapping with film

• selection of specific catering equipment




• low own contribution

• no fixed costs for rent

• no property management problems

• mobility, possibility of running business in various places


We have another piece of important and good news for you: people who work with us are given the opportunity to get professional support. We will advise you how to get started and how to boost your business to make it flourish. See the photo gallery!

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